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Richard Branson & Skip Martin

With Richard Branson after performing at Virgin Corporate Event

Celebrating with the Sales Team at the MGM Las Vegas

Skip selfie at Corporate Show.jpeg

Aston Martin Vanquish S Launch in Osaka, Japan

Team performance!

Starting the conference with the National Anthem

Aman Tokyo and Lanvin New Year's Eve Event

Party with 'Ladies Night'

Corporate Jazz vibe...


Skip Martin is available for corporate dates, public performances and personal appearances in the following configurations.

This high energy performance features selections reflecting Skip’s tenure as a lead singer and trumpeter for two legendary groups, Kool & the Gang and The Dazz Band as well as songs from select artists for the ultimate party band experience. Be prepared to spend time on the dance floor with songs like “Let It Whip,” “Ladies Night,” “Jungle Boogie,” “Joystick,” “Celebration” and more. 


SKIP & FRIENDS is a show stopping act that uses the identifiable voices of acclaimed selling artists as one band. They play and sing all their legendary hits all night– putting on a spectacular show for their fans each night. No set changes and no unplugging cords – just hit after hit after hit all night.


Skip has an impressive speed dial list built from his years circling the globe and performing with some of the best names in the music business. This once-in-a-lifetime show is filled with classic hits from the dance, pop and/or rock charts and features the lead singers of songs you know and love. Your event will shine with performances by Skip and 2 to 4 of his friends (depending on budget and availability).

Classic jazz standards are seamlessly combined with smooth jazz featuring Skip on vocals and trumpet for the definitive top tier entertainment experience. Skip’s love of jazz started at the age of eleven, and was enhanced when he won “Outstanding Trumpet Soloist” at the Monterey Jazz Festival whilst in high school. Selections include “Misty,” “Charlie Brown,” “Around Midnight,” “Summer Madness,” “Careless Whisper,” “Since I Fell For You” as well as songs from Skip’s jazz CDs which feature jazz legends like Arturo Sandoval, Tom Schuman of Spyro Gyra, Wayman Tisdale, Ricky Lawson, Al McKay of Earth, Wind & Fire and Ronnie Laws.Laws.

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