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Morgan The Clydesdale Pony

MORGAN THE CLYDESDALE PONY is a story about a Clydesdale pony’s dream to win the Kentucky Derby! 


Written, narrated & music by Grammy Award Winner, Skip Martin and beautifully illustrated by 14-year old Gracie Green, this book is sure to appeal to children of all ages. 


MORGAN THE CLYDESDALE PONY, inspired by Skip’s own experience at the Kentucky Derby, is an epic story about the dreams of a young Clydesdale pony hoping to race in the Derby. The book promotes self-esteem, goal setting and never giving up on one’s dream. 


“You can be anything, anything, anything... you can be anything... if you believe...” 

Thank you to all who have supported the book through donating, reviewing and sharing.


Below is a list of amazing people who have supported MORGAN THE CLYDESDALE PONY in schools:

Charles & Vera Orr • Debbie & Mark Mann • Misty Culp • Chelsea Culp • Judy & James Mayo • Diane Ragsdale • Carla & Gene McCauley • Claudia-Morgan Gray & Weldon Gray • Michael Jimerson • Nancy & Mark Gibson • Dolores & Ernest Winfrey • Tony & Sue Wooster • Debbie & Paul Zimmerman • Jean Stokes • Savannah Rogers • Becky Pruitt • Gay Stephens • Barbara Crim • Judge & Mrs. Clay Gossett • Jon Best • Kenneth Orr • Case-Hill • Richard Smith • Fox III Salon  • Sierra Frac Sand •  Service Insurance Group • Sharla & Milton McGee Jr. • Jo & David Velvin • Easter Telephone Cooperative, Inc. • Dr. & Mrs John Lynn Duran • Mary Sue Wolfe • Suzanne Kinard • Burl Richards

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