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SKIP INTO LEARNING, INC. is dedicated to empowering and inspiring children of all ages through a variety of media resources, such as books, music, and motivational seminars. Additionally, we offer workshops, concerts, programs, and events that are open to schools and other organizations, all of which support our mission.

It all started with Skip's children's book MORGAN THE CLYDESDALE PONY,  a story about a Clydesdale pony's dream to win the Kentucky Derby!  Inspired by Skip's own experience at the Kentucky Derby, it is an epic story about the dreams of a young pony hoping to race in the Derby.  ​The book promotes self-esteem, goal setting and never giving up on one's dream.

To support our efforts, businesses and individuals can make tax-deductible donations that will help us purchase educational materials or underwrite workshops, concerts, and programs. We are committed to making books and music accessible to every child in America. We firmly believe that with determination, you can achieve anything!

“You can be anything, anything, anything... you can be anything... if you believe...”




Our VIP hospitality extravaganza events, also known as #tripwwithskip, offer donors a unique and exclusive celebrity experience.


They get to attend high-profile events around the world, accompanied by Skip or one of our esteemed party ambassadors, who act as their personal tour guide.


These events include Award shows, Las Vegas happenings, the Kentucky Derby experience, private parties, sports events, international high-brow events, and customized/special curated events designed exclusively for our esteemed donors.


Skip Martin and his team offer customizable workshops for schools, businesses, and civic organizations.


They specialize in a variety of subjects including but not limited to

  • Building Self-Esteem

  • Goal Setting

  • Saying NO to Drugs

  • Song Writing, and

  • Public Speaking.

In addition, Skip's book, "MORGAN THE CLYDESDALE PONY," serves as an excellent resource for liberal and fine arts teachers.


Skip's workshops enhance reading, writing, visual art, dance, movement, theater, and music.

For school visits, please contact 


Sharing Morgan The Clydesdale Pony at Wylie Elementary

Henderson, TX

Sharing Morgan The Clydesdale Pony at Wylie Elementary

Henderson, TX

Trumpet solo with kindergarten kids

Okinawa, Japan

Morgan The Clydesdale Pony book reading & workshop at Symbolic Art, Las Vegas, NV

Inspiring kids to dream at the West Las Vegas Library Summer School, Las Vegas, NV

Utusbe School Music Class

Mie, Japan

Blind Center of Nevada

2019 Celebrity Jazz Gala Rehearsal

Las Vegas, NV

Practicing on the fly at Dallas Airport with saxophonist in between flights

Dallas, TX

FOX News 5 Buddies with Larry Dodson

Las Vegas, NV

Blind Center of Nevada

2020 Celebrity Jazz Gala Rehearsal

Las Vegas, NV

National Anthem Rehearsal with high school band at the

Artists Music Gala Awards, Charlotte, NC

Pure joy at Ciel Special Needs Center


Joining in local fun with the musicians in Haiti

Labadee, Haiti

Skip Martin & Friends Gospel Concert at First Baptist Church of Kilgore, Texas

Filling pot holes

Accra, Ghana

Sharing music with Okinawa Military Base School

Okinawa, Japan

Christmas Joy at the Wentworth of Las Vegas Assisted Living Center. Thank you Roy Hinton & Woody Woods! Las Vegas, NV

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